People are often told to 'think outside the box' in order to come up with creative solutions to challenging  situations. So many things are seen in fours (like a box) or require four 'legs' to stand on securely (like a table or chair).  However, in my experience there comes a time to put the best solutions in the box that creates the boundaries in which the solutions make sense.  Like resources, budget, time, and other logical restrictions to a project.  

My calling in life is to take "people, places, products and perceptions to their next leve, and in the process I go to my next level with another project and a new experience.  I'm client driven and project driven, not time driven.  Time is used as a bench mark for proposals, but most projects are based on contract. I work with individuals for personal or professional development, or on property improvements that are residential, commercial or retail.  

As a commercial artist who combines digital graphic arts with sketching and fine art, I find a way to illustrate the concepts, ideas, innovations and ideologies.  I'm available for consulting, instructing, public speaking, and course creation with support materials on various subjects.

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What does VISIQUAD stand for? 

Do you have a dream waiting for a plan?

Do you have a vision waiting for a drawing? 

Do you have a project waiting for direction? 

Do you have a question waiting for a revelation?

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Linda McKendry